Weekly Round-Up: #17


October is my favourite month. As I’ve discussed before, I absolutely adore the Autumn season; the nights are now drawing in, the temperature is getting colder and spiders are everywhere! October also just happens to be my birthday month and I will be celebrating on the 6th. I will be 32 years old but I still love my birthday! Such a child! 

October: Autumn, Family & Packing


Above is a photo of the trees outside our house, I love watching the leaves change colour. I have been loving all the red and orange tinged leaves at the moment. Just beautiful. A friend sent me a wonderful pin on Pinterest recently with the quote: 

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” by Albert Camus.

The transformation in Autumn is just spectacular to watch, truly awesome and beautiful. I’m sure I’ll be posting some more autumnal snaps soon!

My mum visited me on Friday as I had the day off work and she bought me this lovely minature rose.

I love roses and this sits perfectly on our kitchen window sill and I’m sure will be a welcome addition to our new home when we do eventually move…. hopefully it will be this side of Christmas!

Mum helped me to pack up some more of our stuff ready for our move. We have boxes absolutely everywhere….

After our hard work packing the boxes I treated mum to a coffee at a local café. Was lovely to just chat over a nice cup of coffee.

Saturday: Birthday Weekend, Food, Shopping
Dave and I started off my birthday weekend by having a traditional Friday night chippy chips dinner. I hadn’t eaten proper chippy chips for a long long time (by chippy chips I mean proper chips from a traditional British chip shop – perfect). I ordered a jumbo sausage, pineapple fritter and chips – the portion was massive but so delicious. Yummy. 


Over the past week I have been loving eating figs with my yogurt for breakfast. I love figs this time of year, so sweet and juicy. Absolutely delicious.

On Saturday morning we went into town for me to spend some of the money I had already been given in anticipation of my birthday. Plus I had some great Boots vouchers to use to get lots of points.

Before we hit the shops we went into Costa for a coffee and a snack. I went for a skinny Gingerbread Latte and a Cornish Sea Salted & Caramel Muffin – they were both yummy and started our shopping trip off fully satisfied.

The above photo is what we picked up in town. I picked up some more autumnal shades in nail polish and lipstick. Lovely. I will be doing a blog post on my new purchases soon so check back if you’re interested in seeing that.  We also picked up a pineapple candle lantern from Debenhams and some cute rabbit slippers fro Accessorize.

I hope you have enjoyed my weekly round-up. I love reading and replying to your comments. 


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