Weekly Round-Up: #22


It’s weekly round-up time and boy what a week it’s been! The main themes have been moving house, decorating, food & make up.

House Move

We finally had our move date and moved house on Wednesday. As you can see from the photo below we had fun with all the packing. Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful things you can do and I absolutely agree. Packing away our little house felt like it would never end! 


We moved from my partner Dave’s modern end of terrace two bedroom house into a 1950’s built, detached three bed bungalow in desperate need of some TLC. 


Dave and I are very grateful to have family who have been invaluable in helping us with our move. Dave’s dad is a builder and my dad is a painter & decorator by trade so they have been incredibly helpful in supporting us to transform our new home!

We unfortunately had a couple of casualties of our move; Dave’s TV & Dave’s sofa. We had a large three seater leather sofa, a purchase of Dave’s prior to me entering his life and when his house was a definite batchelor pad where home decor was firmly about comfort and convenience rather than style! I had never been a fan of the bold leather furniture and the sofa was just too big and would not get through our new front door so it is currently keeping warm in the garage. However this does mean that we are temporarily sitting on camping chairs whilst we are in between sofas!

Home Decoration 



Over the weekend with the help of our parents we have been picking colour schemes and starting on painting which is very fun. I have been somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice – who knew paint came in so many colours?

I have been photographing our progress so I am sure I will be keeping my blog updated on my new homes transformation; if you are interested then remember to keep checking back! 



Porridge and fruit has been my staple breakfast of choice over the past few days. Not only is porridge delicious it is also simple to make (thanks to the microwave packet version!) and keeps me fuller for longer so I have plenty of energy for house renovation!

Make Up

I have been absolutely loving my Charlotte Tilbury make up (for my full review check out my post here). Above is a photograph of the stunning Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow in Bette. When I have been wearing make up over the past week I have been loving this bronze eye look. Love it.

I hope you have enjoyed my weekly round-up. My internet is still not working in my new place but I have been able to write this post using the data allowance on my mobile phone. Therefore next weeks blog posts may be more sporadic and a temporary shift away from my usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday!

I hope to be back to usual schedule soon! 



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