Weekly Round-Up: #23 I’m Back! 


As you may well know I FINALLY moved house on Wednesday 4th November. We had got super organised and ordered our phone and internet package through BT and were assured it would all be connected and switched on on the 4th – so no worries about the internet… Oh how wrong I was!

After numerous phone calls and two BT engineers out to our new property we finally had the glow of the blue light from our home hub on Friday morning. I squealed with delight as being without the internet for 10 days was far tougher than I had anticipated. However it was also quite freeing to not be so instantly connected to the world for 10 days; almost therapeutic.

Therefore the lack of connectivity is the reason why my blog has been very quiet over the past week or so. I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on as well as blog post writing – it has been nice to have the impromptu break from blogging as I come back feeling refreshed and energised with lots of new blog post ideas which I hope you will enjoy.

So on to my weekly round-up. It has been a busy week with decorating, shopping for home decor ideas, seeing great friends and celebrating my boyfriend David’s 35th Birthday.

Food: Cheese Scone with Jam?!

On Tuesday we popped to the quite frankly massive Tesco Extra in Bar Hill near Cambridge as it is only about 40 minutes from our new home and I knew they had a large homewares section.

In the Tesco there is a Harris + Hoole coffee shop so we decided to pop in for a mid afternoon coffee and scone. 

I ordered the chai latte which was lovely and we both ordered a cheese scone. I think the server was new or in training as he presented our savoury cheese scones with a side of strawberry jam, a scone and jam combination usually reserved for the fruit scone! I decided to give it a go and it was edible but didn’t really work…. A definite intriguing but absolute error.

IKEA: Swedish Homewares & Meatballs


On Thursday we took a trip to IKEA in Milton Keynes with both of our mums. This was my first experience of IKEA and I really enjoyed it. I do struggle with my energy levels and walking can be particularly painful but I enjoyed testing out the furniture by sitting on the chairs, sofas and beds whilst I pondered what would look right in each room of our new home.  

I fell in love with the elegant and modern Swedish design and we wrote down all the numbers to place a rather large order for home delivery – exciting stuff!

We couldn’t go to IKEA without sampling the famous meatballs. I opted for the vegetarian balls and David had the meatballs. The veggie balls were delicious, gently spiced balls with vegetable rice. A tasty and filling lunch which was also super cheap! Yummy. 

 When we intially arrived at IKEA we stopped with a tea break and I had this delightful caramel & walnut cake. It was very moist with wonderfully creamy caramel frosting – absolutely delicious!

Decorating & David’s Birthday

I finally picked the colours for the lounge; Proud Peacock and Pebble Shore by Dulux. I think the deep feature wall looks great and there will soon be a repainted fire place to really frame the room. Carpets are being put down by my dad today so this room will soon be complete. 

Friday was David’s birthday and he turned the great old age of 35! He keeps saying he is old but he really isn’t. I would have baked him a cake but sadly all by baking stuff is still in storage so I wasn’t able to so instead I bought this adorable minion cake. We both love minions so this went down well.

On Friday two of my great friends came round for lunch. They were the first friends to see our new home which was lovely. They gave us a wonderful house warming present of this mermaid bottle opener, I absolutely love it; so different and quirky.


They also made Dave a birthday cake with a twist. A birthday cake made out of cheese! 


Dave is very much a fan of savoury over sweet so this was an incredibly thoughtful and creative gift. The different cheeses were also delicious. Such a fantastic idea. Absolutely loved it.

I hope you have enjoyed my weekly round-up and I will be resuming my regular blog post schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday. Let me know what you have been up to this week and if you have any ideas or suggestions for home decor!


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