Weekly Round-Up: #24

It’s that time of the week again, the time for me to reflective on the events and experiences of the past seven days. The main themes of this week have been Autumn appropriate lipsticks, home sorting and of course food. 

Autumn Beauty

Since moving house I have had yet the chance to sort out all of my beauty and make up; they are still boxed away!

Therefore I felt it was about time that I at least rummage through some of my beauty stash so cracked open my ever-growing lipstick hoard.


I absolutely adore berry tones and deep pinks on my lips during the Autumn months so gathered together seven of my most beloved lippies – if you missed my post then check out The Autumn Edit: Lipstick

Home Sorting

We are now into the third week in our new home together and it is definitely feeling much more homely and like ours which is lovely. 

One thing which Dave had promised me when we moved was to purchase a dishwasher. I cannot quite believe that I am so excited about a dishwasher! As you may know I struggle with my energy levels and the last thing I need after a busy day at work and cooking a meal is to wash up. I hate washing up with a passion. 

We are so blessed that Dave’s dad is a builder so was able to install the dishwasher for us. The kitchen still needs decorating so please excuse the retro tiling, flooring and kitchen units. In the not so distant future we want to add an extension to the property which will mean a new kitchen, so this is why we opted for an intergrated dishwasher because eventually it will have a cupboard door attached. 


I couldn’t wait to give the dishwasher its first load. It performed very well. Beautifully clean plates and cups. This will be such a time and energy saver for me; a very welcome addition to my kitchen.

We also had an issue with condensation from cooking on the hob which caused horrible grease/grim trails on the tiles in the kitchen. 

This has now been fixed with a wonderful cooker extractor fan fitted by Dave’s dad. Problem solved! 

 I also finally chose a ceiling light for our lounge. This has taken me ages to decide on as I just couldn’t find what I wanted to suit the space we have.

I finally opted for this Sputnik design which was half price in BHS. This did not however get delivered assembled… So it took me and Dave’s mum several frustrating hours trying to put this together. We did it in the end and I love the final result; it does really suit the room and it’s big enough without being too big.

We also picked up the TV cabinet I had ordered. It is absolutely perfect for our lounge and houses Dave’s new curved TV expertly. Love it.


Food: Pizza

After our busy Saturday we decided that cooking was too much work so we ordered takeaway pizza.

I ordered the Hawaiian pizza with added black olives. It was absolutely delicious and the perfect accompaniment to X Factor on a Saturday evening. Perfect.

I hope you have had a good week, let me know what you think of my weekly round up. I love reading and replying to your comments.


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6 responses to “Weekly Round-Up: #24

  1. Loved this Em!!!! What a stash of lippies – they all look so beautiful 🙂 Congrats on your new home, looks like you’re settling in as well as can be huni ❤ XXXX

    Ps: Aren't dishwashers amazing?! I couldn't be without mine now lol xx

    Liked by 1 person

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