Review: Super Facialist by Úna Brennan


I bought these Rose Hydrate skincare products by Úna Brennan several months ago but I wanted to give them a good try before writing an honest and balanced review. I bought them when they were on a 1/3 off offer at Boots and I had been inspired by other bloggers and vloggers praising the brand.

First up the Brighten & Refine Face Scrub. As you probably know I love a good face scrub so was intrigued to give this one a go. It does have a rather strong rose scent which smells quite artificial to me – not like the Liz Earle rose products I’m more used to. I love rose scents but I was not keen on the rose scent in this range… 

The micro granules in this scrub are rather harsh so you need to be gentle when using this scrub. The first few times I used this and the rest of the range my skin freaked out. I was covered in huge angry red spots which just wouldn’t go away. I’m not entirely sure if it was my sensitive skin or an allergic reaction to the product. But needless to say I have tried the face scrub a few more times and have had a similar and negative reaction every time. I wanted to love this scrub but for my skin it wasn’t a good match. I do have very sensitive skin and I am allergy-prone so this is just my opinion on my skin – it may work wonders for you.

The Rose Hydrate Radiance Day Cream contains SPF15. This was actually the selling point for me as I specifically wanted a day cream containing a sun screen. This has the same rose scent which I found artificial and on my first application this did not sit well on my skin. My skin was very red raw and angry. I have not tried this anymore as my skin reacted instantly and I don’t want to further traumatise it!


Lastly is the Rose Hydrate Facial Oil. I am on the fence about this product as I have continued to use it and I don’t think my skin has reacted negatively towards it. It has a similar rose scent, slightly stronger than the other two products but I actually quite enjoy the heady rose scent of this oil – it feels relaxing and indulgent.

The instructions on the bottle suggest to use this oil pre-cleanse to give a moisture boost and then remove through cleansing. This confuses me as I bought the facial oil as I wanted to try a new oil as the last nourishing step in my evening skincare routine. This does not fit my needs! This is however a lovely oil, it is super hydrating, I enjoyed using it and it didn’t break my skin out. Positive result! 

I wanted to love my first experience with the Úna Brennan skincare brand as it is a more affordable and drugstore brand. My experience haven’t put me off trying other products from the brand, however this will be tentative as I do have very sensitive and unpredictable skin.

Have you tried anything from this range? Let me know your thoughts and experiences. Love reading and replying to your comments.


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6 responses to “Review: Super Facialist by Úna Brennan

  1. I totally agree that the rose scent is a little artificial. Haven’t tried any of these and I am a little surprised by the instructions for the facial oil (I hadn’t realised it was a cleanser either). I still like the hydrating cream cleanser from the range though 🙂
    xo Anne –

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  2. Shame this didn’t work out for you as well as expected huni, I personally haven’t tried it (yet) but intend to give it a go when I get a good lot of my products cleared up that are currently loitering my bathroom cabinet!! Great informative post lovely, hope you’re having a fab week 🙂 Karen xoxo

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