November Favourites: The Food Edition 


I have been enjoying lots of new foodie discoveries this month alongside loving some firm favourites so thought it was about time I posted a food themed favourites. This is the second edition of my November Favourites. If you missed my first installment then do check out my November Favourites: Homeware Edition. 


First up is the delicious Salted Caramel Green Tea by Twinings. This is a firm favourite of mine and I have sipped my way through cup after cup of this wonderful stuff. Good for you green tea with the soft sweetness of salted caramel; delicious. If you are interested then check out my full review of Twinings Flavoured Tea. 

Next up is the scrumptious Peanut Hottie Flavour Hot Drink. If you love peanuts like me then you will love this hot drink, a great low calorie alternative to more indulgent hot chocolate. This makes a delicious creamy hot drink with a lovely peanut and chocolate flavour and for only 83 calories! 


This time of year I love nothing more than a big bowl of soup with a hunk of bread with lashings of butter. I have been eating a lot of soup by the Covent Garden Soup Co. This tomato, cannellini & kale soup is super nutritious and super filling. Love it. 


I’ve saved the best for last. I stumbled across these tasty nut & seed bars when I was looking at gluten-free cereal bars to take to work for lunch. I’ve been experimenting with my diet recently and have found excluding gluten from my food is making me feel so much better. 

These tasty 9 Bars come in a variety of delicious flavours. My favourite so far is the Superseeds Raspberry Cocoa Kick. Delicious bitter cocoa which is sweetened by the freeze dried raspberries and packed full of nutritious seeds. Absolutely love these.

Hope you have enjoyed my foodie edition of my November Favourites. Have you tried any of these foods and drinks? I love reading and replying to your comments. 


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