Night Sky Nails: Motcomb Street and Snow Globe


I received several beauty related items for Christmas – my boyfriend Dave listened and researched well! Dave knows I love painting my nails and that Nails Inc is one of my favourite brands of polish so he took the plunge and bought me the Snowglobe limited edition Christmas glitter top coat.

Snowglobe is a beautiful clear polish laced with two sizes of gold glitter particles but that’s where the similarities to other glitter polishes ends. Snowglobe is different because it’s a mix-your-own glittery polish which means you choose the glitter intensity! It is fun and a bit gimmicky as when you shake the polish to mix the glitter with the clear gloss it produces a snowglobe-like effect. Cute.

I used the deep blue shade Motcomb Street by Nails Inc as my base colour and topped it with the Snowglobe glittery polish to achieve this pretty nail look – reminiscent of a winters night sky! If you missed my full post about the beautiful Motcomb Street then check it out here – Mani Monday: Motcomb Street

Have you tried Snowglobe? What is your favourite glittery top coat? Hope you have enjoyed my night sky inspired nail post. I love reading and replying to your comments. 


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