Weekly Round-Up: #30 Happy 2016! 


Happy New Year to you all! 2015 was a very mixed year for me full of ups and downs. I lost my beloved nanny in February and my brother moved to work in China which has not been an easy ride for him. I had an extended period of time off work as a result of physical and emotional difficulties which I am still struggling with. On the positive I have finally bought my first home with my wonderful and amazing boyfriend Dave and I tiptoed into the blogging community in April. I am excited to see what challenges and adventures 2016 has in store for me. 

This past week has been a really lovely chilled week spent with friends and family. The main themes have been food (of course), getting our IKEA order and continuing our home decoration and treating myself to a decent camera.

Food: Family, Friends & Cheese! 

On Monday we had a family get together with my boyfriends mums side of the family. I made a pavlova dessert for the occasion – for my full blog post check out Pavlova Recipe: Berries, Cream & Meringue


Daves mum put on quite a spread! 


Then on Tuesday we drove to Spalding in Licolnshire to meet up with my friend Pip who was visiting her parents for the Christmas holidays. We met at the Springfields shopping centre for lunch at Frankie & Bennys.


I ordered something new from their menu – chicken with salami, green vegetables and tomato pasta. It was really tasty. The service however was a lot to be desired! 


After lunch we then pottered around the shops but we actually didn’t buy anything. We did however pop into Costa and I just couldn’t resist my last Gingerbread Latte of the festive season – delicious.


As the Christmas holidays are coming to an end we decided to use up the last of our festive food by making an epic brunch on Saturday. I made scrambled eggs, avocado, fried bacon and baked mushrooms with Danish Blue cheese – scrumptious! 


Home Decoration: IKEA & Dunelm

On Wednesday we had a delivery of our IKEA order…. Which filled our hall way! 


I loved the cute IKEA cartoon people instructions! They made me chuckle. My boyfriend Dave was amazing at putting the furniture together in super speed time; I would have made an awful job at DIY! 


We ordered this box storage unit below and a larger one which is 4×2 to go on top of this. Once this is all out together and in situate in our lounge I will blog about it – putting the final touches to our lounge! 


We also bought this shoe cabinet for the hall way. I am really impressed with the quality of IKEA considering it was DIY flat pack. It is robust stuff. 


I also ordered a dressing table to organise all my beauty and make up products. This is the first dressing table/vanity I have ever owned and I was so excited to get it all sorted. 


This is the finished result. I like the fact that the mirror is tucked away as I tend to use a handheld mirror when applying my make up as I am very short sighted and need a mirror up really really close.


On New Years Eve we found ourselves in the homeware shop Dunelm and I fell in love with this adorable bronze rhinoceros oranament which will look great in the new IKEA boxed unit. Love it.


Photography: Canon EOS 750D

We decided to treat ourselves to a good camera by using some of the money we were very kindly given for Christmas. I have really enjoyed learning more about photography since entering the world of blogging and so far have only been taking photographs using my iPhone 6.  I am looking forward to learning how to use this camera and sharing some snaps on my blog. 


I hope you have enjoyed my new year weekly round-up. I hope you have all had a good week and wish you all well for 2016. Have you got experience with this camera? I love reading and replying to your comments. 


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4 responses to “Weekly Round-Up: #30 Happy 2016! 

  1. Oh wow, what a yummy spread – that looks amazing! Are those Vol-au-vents I spot? They’re my fav Em!!! Getting hungry just looking at it lol LOVE your new vanity table, it’s beautiful and really handy that the mirror pops up when you need it 🙂 I actually prefer putting my makeup on in a small handheld mirror, I can see every little detail sooo much better! Congrats on your fabulous new camera – I’m sure you’ll be impressing us all with your photography skills in no time ❤ Happy New Year once again lovely, hope you have a great week ahead!! Karen XXXXX

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