Weekly Round-Up: #32


This weeks Weekly Round-Up is slightly different. I haven’t really shared much about my mental well-being but over the past few weeks I have been really struggling with depression and anxiety which has impacted on all aspects of my life – blogging included! One day when I am feeling stronger I might write about my struggles and share on my blog.

Food, beauty and concentrating on feeling better have been the main themes of my week.

Food: Sweet Potato & Stews


The weather turned incredibly cold this week and we even had our first snow shower (albeit short lived) on Thursday. I really crave homemade stews and casseroles this time of year so I have been experimenting with my cooking. 

The above photo is of a chicken & chargrilled mediterranean vegetables in a tomato sauce with mashed sweet potato. It was really hearty and delicious even if I do say so myself.

At the weekend we finally found our slow cooker which had been packed away in our house move. I was craving a traditional beef stew so left it all to cook throughout the day on Saturday which smelled incredible.

I also served this with a generous helping of sweet potato which was truly scrumptious.

Beauty: Lipsticks, Birchbox & Pamper

I enjoyed playing around with my new camera this week and sharing my long awaited MAC lipstick collection post. If you missed it then check out MAC Lipstick Collection: Twig, Mehr, Ruby Woo, Vegas Volt.

I also received January’s Birchbox this week which was full of great beauty and make-up goodies. It’s always great to receive something in the post other than a bill or a bank statement!

If you missed my post then check out Birchbox – January 2016: The Unveiling.

I am a lover of face masks and my skin was in need of some TLC so I decided to test out my new purchase from Liz Earle; their deep cleansing mask.

It is a green clay mask which dries quickly and really gave my skin a much needed boost. I’m sure I’ll write a full review soon.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks round-up post. It has been a tough week for me but I am feeling positive about next week. Do you have any MAC recommendations for me? I love reading and replying to your comments. 


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