Weekly Round-Up: #36


So it’s Weekly Round-Up time again and this week has seriously flown by. I feel like I’m getting stronger with my anxiety and energy levels so feel much more positive for the future which is great news.

The stand out themes of this week have been food (baking in particular), the great outdoors and rekindling my love of experimenting with make up.

The Great Outdoors

As I mentioned previously my energy levels have really increased this week and my anxiety has felt more contained and manageable. So much so that I wanted to venture out somewhere last Sunday so Dave and I found ourselves at a local antiques centre for a wander around. 

Each separate barn was like a treasure trove of unique antique finds with a plethora of cabinets packed full of delectable trickets and collectables. We even managed to find and agree on a pair of pewter candle sticks for our fire place. 

I did not however enjoy entering a rather confined room and being greeted by this somewhat haunting looking doll!  


This totally creeped me out and I made a rather sharpish exit before a full panic attack ensued! 

During the week the sun was out and I spotted some little blooms of Spring colour dotted around our garden so I went exploring with my camera. 


A beautiful lilac crocus.


A trio of minature daffodils.


Vibrant yellow crocuses. 


Dainty white snow drops. 

Snapping these delicate flowers really put a smile on my face and I’m getting more confident with my camera.

Yesterday morning I also spotted a four-legged visitor to our garden. The below snap isn’t the best photo as I tried to take the picture stealthily from the kitchen window and when I tried to venture outside it darted back between the rear hedge and into the field.  


But if you look really closely between the two conifers you can just about make out the brown figure of a deer. Spectacular! Oh how I love living in the countryside.

Food: Baking, Pancakes & Hot Chocolate

Last Sunday after our adventure around the antique centre I had to settle my nerves so we found ourselves in a quirky coffee shop/post office/farm shop in a local village. 

I ordered this scrumptious hot chocolate with lashings of cream & mini marshmallows and a gluten-free millionaires shortbread. Delicious. 


 Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday so pancakes were on the menu for dinner. I prepared the batter earlier in the day and let it rest in the fridge for several hours before it was needed. 


We served our pancakes with the classic lemon juice and sugar and they were absolutely delicious. Yummy!

On Saturday I had some good friends visiting so I decided to make some cakes.


I found a recipe on Pinterest for this fat free, gluten free & refined sugar free Banana Loaf Bread – check out the recipe here

This recipe really surprised me – it’s only ingredients were mashed ripe bananas, apple sauce, gluten free flour, egg whites, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda and cinnamon to taste. The texture and taste is a cross between a loaf cake and a sweet bread which was quite dry but a great no added sugar & no fat treat with a good cup of tea.


I also made my all time favourite the beautiful lemon drizzle cake. I like my lemon drizzle cake to be really really lemony so I doubled the lemon zest and juice. This was a real winner and was absolutely delicious – a decadent treat.

Rekindling My Love Of Make-Up

Since receiving the generous and thoughtful gift of the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette for Christmas I have fallen in love with and have been building my confidence with creating eyeshadow looks.

On Thursday I posted a recent make-up look, if you missed it then check out – MUOTD: Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette & Firebird Lipstick

I fell so in love with the sample of the Firebird lipstick that I just had to buy it. I couldn’t just buy one of the lipsticks I ended up purchasing the stunning hot pink Firebird and the sheer nude Ex-Girlfriend.


I’m sure I will post a full review of these lipsticks once I’ve given them a proper test. My first impressions are 😍, great colours, great creamy formula and a joy to wear.

Yesterday I also enjoyed experimenting with a more nude lip and eye combo. 


What do you think? I used the Bourjois Rouge Edition in the shade 07 Nudist. If you missed my review of the Bourjois Rouge Edition lip products then click the link. 

Nudist is a beautiful subtle rosy nude matte liquid lipstick which has great staying power. I am so pleased I found it amongst my ever-expanding lipstick collection and wore it again. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my Weekly Round-Up. Have you tried any Pinterest recipes? Have you been baking this week? What’s your favourite pancake topping? What are your thoughts on the Gwen Stefani collection? I live reading and replying to your comments.

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10 responses to “Weekly Round-Up: #36

  1. Love the lipsticks Em, they look gorgeous – haven’t tried any lippies from UD before so well intrigued! 🙂 Gosh that doll is spooky looking, would shock anyone huni lol Off to make a huge cup of hot chocci now as your pics have me in the mood for something yummy hehe Lovely post as always ❤ XXXXX

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