Weekly Round-Up: #37


This week I have been feeling quite low and getting a tear in one of my car tyres and our shower deciding to only have one temperature – stone cold, really brought me down. There have been some positives and I am forever thankful for my amazing boyfriend Dave and my friends and family for all their love, support and kindness.

Food: Valentines Day & Lunches Out

Last Sunday was Valentines Day and we decided to not get each other gifts and to spend the day together and cook a nice meal rather than spending money at a restaurant. 

Dave obviously didn’t stick to that agreement and bought me some lovely Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume which was very thoughtful of him.

For dinner we made homemade burgers topped with slow-cooked pulled pork, gherkins and smoked cheddar cheese in a ciabatta bun. They were delicious and it was great cooking together. A really special Valentines Day.

On Tuesday I had lunch with a good friend from work. I hope to be back at work soon but it does seem like an uphill struggle as my mood has been quite low this week. 

We had lunch at the local pub where I live and the menu is always so delicious it makes if difficult to choose. 

I ordered the Mushroom Cottage Pie with Blue Cheese Mash, Cabbage & Carmalised Onion Relish. My lunch was absolutely delicious however I wasn’t sure on serving cold onion relish with a hot cottage pie and veg.

On Wednesday a friend visited to see our new home and we also went out for lunch at the sane pub. We were actually served by the same waitress who did give me a bit of a double take!


This time I ordered Battered Whiting with Chips, Mushy Peas & Curry Sauce. I didn’t expect the Whiting to be quite so large so luckily Dave joined us for lunch and ate half of the fish.

My friend Sarah ordered the hot chocolate which came as a mug of hot milk with a pot of chocolate pieces on the side. Sarah advised it was delicious and creamy – such a great idea! 

Home & Garden: Deer & Shower

I have spotted the deer (which I think is a muntjac deer) in our garden several times this week. I even managed to take a few stealthy snaps.   

The deer has been eating all the little bushes in our garden so when we do finally get round to landscaping the garden we will have to secure our perimeter otherwise it will all be eaten!

During the week out rather dated shower finally decided to give up and would only have one temperature of water – stone cold!  

This is our old shower. As you may or may not know we bought a home together in November which was in desperate need of updating. We had intended on putting in a whole new bathroom as we moved in, however the shower was working fine and after a good clean the bathroom was dated but useable.  

We now have a lovely new electric shower which I can’t wait to use to wash my hair! Not being able to wash for four days has been more difficult than I could have anticipated.

Make-Up: Gwen Stefani Ex-Girlfriend

When I have been feeling better and wanting to look after myself I have enjoyed experimenting with my make-up.  

I have been particularly loving this gorgeous sheer nude lipstick from the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani range called Ex-Girlfriend. It is such a beautiful colour which applies and feels nourishing like a balm. I will be posting a full review of the two lipsticks I picked up from the collection this week so do remember to check back for that.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my Weekly Round-Up. How has your week been? I love reading and replying to your comments. 


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