Weekly Round-Up: #39


I feel like I say this every week but this week has absolutely flown by! I have had a slightly better week emotional health wise, but with every few steps I take forward I seem to take a couple back so progress is slow but steady and I am fully prepared for a bumpy road ahead. The themes of this week have been photography, food and experimenting with new beauty.

Photography: Flowers & Food 

This week I have been loving using my camera and taking this great shot of some newly sprung snow drops in our front garden. 

I have really enjoyed the creativity of taking interesting shots and I do hope soon that I can venture into manual mode and learn about all the settings and potential my DSLR camera has to offer.

My love of creating in the kitchen and cooking risotto in particular has been a firm favourite this week.


 This week I made a mushroom risotto and served it with rosemary and tomato baked cod (courtesy of Bird’s Eye!). 

I used the large flat mushrooms in the risotto but I think next time I’ll opt to use chestnut mushrooms as the dark belly of the mushrooms appeared to have turned the risotto a slightly unappealing grey tone…. It tasted delicious none the less.

Food: Starbucks & Cosmo Norwich 

On Wednesday Dave took the day off work as I wanted to have a look around Norwich as I haven’t been for a while. 

Walking is something I really struggle with and a few weeks ago the thought of walking around Norwich would have filled me with paralysing anxiety. However I was feeling brave and wanted to try. 


I struggle with my energy levels and muscle and joint pain when I walk, stand or sit on a chair for too long. I am also very overweight and these issues coupled with anxiety are not a good mix when it comes to simply walking around a busy city shopping centre.

Therefore once we parked the car my first stop was Starbucks where I ordered a chai latte with soy milk and a snack of fruit salad. Both were delicious and gave me a nice boost of energy for walking around. I bought some stationery from Tiger and of course found my way to the MAC counter…. More about that in the next section!

For lunch I really wanted to try a relatively new restaurant for Norwich called Cosmo. I believe Cosmo is a restaurant chain which offers an all-you-can-eat buffet of a wide selection of cuisines from around the world. I was intrigued by this concept and the lunch buffet was only £7.99 so we gave it a go.


I absolutely love sushi so was really excited to go to a restaurant where I could get sushi and Dave could feast on burgers chips and pizza as he is not a fan of sushi or curry etc.

The sushi was nice but it was nothing special and I would say on par with pre-packed sushi in a supermarket.

My first plate was quite a mix which included sweet & sour chicken, cheese balls, hash brown squares, green beans, mushrooms and cauliflower. It was really delicious.

I was getting rather full by this point but wanted to try the Indian section. I tried a chickpea curry, Vietnamese rice, Bombay potatoes, chicken tikka masala and spicy pork balls. My eyes were bigger than my stomach and Dave had to finish some of this for me. The chicken tikka masala was really bland and disappointing. We were both so full by this point we couldn’t squeeze in dessert – a buffet selection of desserts are also included in the price so all-in-all it is good value for money.

I enjoyed eating at Cosmo but getting up and down to get different food does feel slightly disjointed and takes away from the dining experience as it isn’t the most relaxing atmosphere! However Cosmo is a great way to try new food and a great way to please people who can’t agree on what to eat! Definitely recommend giving it a go.

Beauty: Nails & MAC Lipstick

I received these nail wraps as part of my February Nailbox subscription – if you missed my blog post then check it out here – Nailbox February 2016: The Unveiling.  


This was my first experience of applying nail wraps and they were a bit fiddly as I had to cut down each wrap to fit my small nails. The good thing was I was able to use one wrap on two nails so that was very economical!

What do you think of the finished result? Have you tried nail wraps before?

Whilst we were in Norwich I just had to venture into Jarrolds and take a look at the MAC counter! So many lovely lipsticks it was difficult to choose. After much swatching I plumped for the beautiful Fast Play which is a similar colour to Mehr but a deeper darker pink brown nude with an amplified finish. Absolutely stunning. I haven’t taken a photo yet but I’m sure I will share a review of this new addition to my lipstick collection soon.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed my Weekly Round-Up. Remember to subscribe so you don’t miss a post and links to my social media accounts are below. Let me know how your week has been and if you’ve tried anything I’ve mentioned – I do love reading and replying to your comments. 

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12 responses to “Weekly Round-Up: #39

  1. Ahhhh so many MAC’s so little time Em’s lol Still swooning over all the colours I would happily put in my basket *happy sigh* Some very yummy looking food piccies there, your blog never fails to make me hungry!!!! lol Beautiful picture of the snow drop, such a pretty little flower though I’ve seen so few of them over here this year 😦 Loving the nail wraps, I’ve only tried ones from Jamberry (which I loved) but they were sent as a sample and I can’t repurchase here so shall have to start venturing into some other options as I find them really handy 🙂 Great post Em’s!!! XXX

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