Review: Eye Candy 3D Nail Wraps


I received these 3D nail wraps from Eye Candy as part of my February Nailbox. If you missed my box unveiling then check out Nailbox February 2016: The Unveiling

I have never tried nail wraps before and am a complete novice when it comes to nail art in general but was intrigued to give these a go.


The instructions recommended that you used a mild heat source to aid the binding of the adhesive wrap to your nail plate. Being the rebel and flounter of the rules that I am decided to ignore that piece of advice! 

Because my nails are so small I managed to use one whole nail wrap for two nails. I trimmed the wrap down to size and then carefully smoothed the adhesive wrap onto my nail plate (I would recommend using say a hair dryer to gently heat the nail wrap as you do this as my results didn’t last very long…. But more of that later). 


Using tiny nail scissors and a glass nail file I managed to tidy up the edges around my cuticles and smoothed off the wrap and nail edge. 

I was impressed with the finished result and it wasn’t as time consuming or fiddly as I thought it may be.


One word of warning, next time I would definitely follow the advice and use a gentle heat source when applying the wraps as I’m sure this will help the wrap adhesive to securely bond to the nail plate. I did not follow this advice and the wraps started to peel within a few hours!

I would definitely try using nail wraps again though as they are a great way to change the look of your nails without spending hours perfecting the skills of nail art.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed this post. Have you tried any nail wraps? Any tips you can share with me? I love reading and replying to your comments. 


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