Weekly Round-Up: #43


I feel like Spring is finally here and with that brings the (marginally) warmer weather. I’ve been able to get out and about a bit more this week and have been enjoying all things creative; painting, photography, baking and of course make-up!

Make-Up: Bourjois Obsession

If you missed my latest beauty haul then check out Beauty Haul & First Impressions: Bourjois Edition. 

I have been really enjoying using all three of these products. I am wearing all three products on my face in the photo below. 

The stand out product for me is definitely the Souffle de Velvet. It’s a sheer matte liquid lipstick and I absolutely adore it.


Art: Experimenting with building layers & texture

I have been inspired to try new things with my art this week. I have particularly enjoyed building layers and texture in my work.


I achieved the above by using glue and building the layers of colour and rubbing some off before it dried to give depth, dimension and texture to my work. I really like how this has worked out and will be using this technique again. 


The above photo is half way through several layers of acrylic paint wash and drops of 70% rubbing alcohol. I love how the alcohol lifts and moves the paint around. I also blotted off any excess paint with kitchen towel which unexpectedly left marks in the painting which I actually rather liked!


To finish off the painting I did a few more layers of acrylic paint wash, using black, gold and blue before finishing with an iridescent medium and satin varnish. I really like how this painting has evolved and will definitely be using this technique again.

Food: Baking & Fish and Chips

On Monday I was feeling energised and decided to make some cheese scones. I really enjoy baking and find it somewhat therapeutic. 


These cheese scones tasted incredible and were so simple to make. I’m sure I will write a blog post about these soon so please do remember to check back!


On Saturday we found ourselves along the beautiful Suffolk coast for a walk and the opportunity to take some photos. 

We stopped off at the beach in Dunwich and enjoyed some of their famous fish and chips. The fish was so fresh and flavourful as it was literally caught by the fisherman owner just a couple of hours before being fried and served. So so so delicious and very generous portions – I couldn’t eat a whole one!


Photography: Spring flowers & Suffolk coast

My creativity has also been inspired by  the delicate colour and blossoms revealing themselves in our garden. I absolutely adore bluebells but have never  grown them before, so seeing lots of these peeping through definitely put a smile on my face.


Bluebells are such a delicate beautiful flower. Their soft lilac and blue shade is so delicate as it dances in the garden. 


The previous owners of our home who sadly passed away must have been keen gardeners as I have spied the bluebells all around the garden, spanning the front, back and side gardens. 

As mentioned above on Saturday we found ourselves in Dunwich and then drove further up the Suffolk coast to Pakefield, Lowestoft and to the market town of Beccles.  


Dunwich is a quiet stoney beach with wonderful views and famous fresh fish and chips.



I really enjoyed taking hundreds of photographs and going through them picking out the best ones. I still have yet to explore the camera in manual mode but I am definitely working up to that!

The below couple of few photos were taken further up the east coast in Lowestoft. I used to live in Lowestoft so it still has a very found memory in my heart. Lowestoft south beach has a beautiful golden sandy beach whereas the north beach the other side of the town has a stoney beach which is great for walking.


I hope you have enjoyed my Weekly Round-Up and thanks for reading. What have you been up to this week? Let me know if you have tried or been anywhere mentioned in today’s post – I love reading and replying to your comments.

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14 responses to “Weekly Round-Up: #43

  1. Always so hungry after reading your posts, those cheese scones & the fish+chips…. nom! It’s been so long since I’ve had that, must organise a treat this weekend 😉 hehe Brilliant post as always huni and your artwork is beautiful (as per) talented gal!!!! XXX

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