Weekly Round-Up: #44


Another week has floated on by. I finally feel like I am making progress with my mood and anxiety. I have started to like myself again and have been feeling proud of my skills and abilities – having confidence in myself. I also haven’t had a panic attack for over two weeks which is incredible progress. I know that there will be bumps in the road but I am feeling much more positive about the future.

The themes of this week have been beauty & wellbeing, food (of course) and creativity.

Beauty & Wellbeing 


As you can see from the photo above this week I have been sleeping better and thus feeling & looking brighter. It is amazing how much joy I get from having the energy to apply some make up. I love experimenting with my ever increasing stash. 

I am wearing the Souffle de Velvet by Bourjois in the beautiful shade Ravin de Rose on my lips. Click the link to find out my full impressions – Review: Bourjois Souffle de Velvet


Food: Baking & Vegetarian Cuisine

Now onto the best bit – what foods I have been enjoying making and eating this week! 


Scones. Perfect & delicious cheese scones. I have been enjoying making these over the past week and was overwhelmed with the popularity of my Baking: Cheese Scones recipe post. Do let me know if you give these scones a try! 


On Thursday I met a friend & work colleague for lunch at my local pub. We both really enjoy the wholesome, locally sourced produce this restaurant serves. 

We actually both ordered the same which was this delicious falafel burger with courgette relish and sweet potato wedges. 

This really packed a punch flavour wise, was so satisfying and incredibly filling. I have been loving vegetarian cuisine this week and am really considering following a vegetarian diet and possibly work up to becoming vegan. My reason for this is mostly based on my health as I have numerous health issues which centres around pain and inflammation and I can really feel the positive health benefits when I eat completely vegetarian. 


For dessert we ordered icecream as we were feeling indulgent. I ordered two scoops of the crunchie and one scoop of the pistachio icecream. The icecream was homemade and an absolute delight to eat. You can’t beat a good icecream!


I also ate this tasty vegetarian (well mostly) meal during the week & decided against the chicken breasts so Dave had two which he wasn’t complaining about. I did however succumb to a rasher of baked bacon as the chicken breasts were wrapped in bacon. 

I roasted cubes of butternut squash and stir fried courgettes and sprouting broccoli with a bit of red pesto and topped with a generous helping of Parmesan. Truly, truly scrumptious.


Creativity: Abstract Painting & Photography

Over the past few weeks I have really been trying to push myself creatively to try new techniques, ideas & expressions. 

The below canvas is my experimentation of using a (very) hot glue gun to create a circular gem/raindrop like texture and dimension to this piece. I then layered several coats of colour wash in a range of shades. However this technique didn’t really go according to plan, I do love the piece regardless. 


This week I have also been inspired to take photographs in the garden.


Do you like our gnomes which proudly stand watching over our front garden? Can you guess which one was purchased by Dave, which one by me and which one was left here by the previous owners? 


Bluebells have suddenly sprung up literally all over our garden. They are just so beautiful and delicate. I absolutely adore their pretty lilac/violet blooms. Beautiful.


I have also been inspired by the twisted willow (I think) and just had to take several shots. I want to try and use this photograph of the twisted branches as inspiration. Watch this space for my next creation!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Weekly Round-Up. Let me know if you have tried anything mentioned in this post or if you have any recommendations. I love reading and replying to your comments. 


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