Happy One Year Blogiversary To Me!


April marks the one year anniversary of my blog and what a rollercoaster it has been! 

I actually published my first post one year ago yesterday imaginatively titled: 

Recent Beauty And Make Up Purchases 


Click the link if you are curious to find out  where it all began. As you can see from the photograph my photography skills have certainly developed over the past year!


When I first dipped my toe into blogging I did not for one second think it would evolve into such an important and enjoyable part of my life. 

Blogging has become a huge focus in my life. I have been overwhelmed by the communities support, acceptance and positivity. 

I have throughly enjoyed sharing my thoughts and opinions on the interests in my life with you all. 

Not only that but I have learnt so so much, not only about myself but also developed confidence in my writing and photography skills.

I have even invested in this incredible camera: 


Which was the catalyst behind me reawakening my creativity. Rediscovering my passion for art has been such a therapeutic experience for me so I am very thankful to blogging.


I want to celebrate my 1st blogiversary by giving something back to the blogging community. 

I would really appreciate your feedback on this as I was thinking about hosting a giveaway – maybe for a MAC lipstick of your choice (subject to stock availability)?

Let me know what you think – what giveaway would you like to see?

Thank you for everyone who has subscribed to my blog over the past year – I know it isn’t about numbers but I am overwhelmed to think that just over 400 people have enjoyed my blog enough to click the subscribe button!

Thanks for reading and helping me to celebrate my 1st year as a blogger. Let me know your thoughts and comments especially about the giveaway as I love reading and replying.

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