Weekly Round-Up: #45 *1st Blogiversary*


What a week! As always this week has flown by. I am feeling much more positive about the future and I started a mindfulness course through the NHS which I think will be incredibly supportive for my wellbeing & return to work.

This week has been full of creativity, I’ve been baking, painting, loving make up & celebrated not one but two blogging milestones!

Blogging Milestones

This week I tipped over into the 400 follower mark on my blog. When I started my blog I never thought for a second I would get 10 followers let alone in the hundreds. 

This week I posted another foundation review. This unintentional series of reviews has proved quite popular. Click the link below if you missed it!

Review: Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation   

I also posted about my first Blogiversary so you could all celebrate with me. I do want to host a giveaway in order to mark this occasion but I’m not sure what to offer as the prize – any suggestions welcome! Do click the link below if you missed my Blogiversary post.

Happy One Year Blogiversary   

Baking: Rock Cakes

I have no idea why these are called rock cakes but making these were a firm favourite of Dave’s when he was a child so we thought we would take a trip down memory lane.

These cakes are more like a biscuit mixture when making them but they rise in the oven to have a cake/biscuit hybrid texture when baked. We used sultanas as the dried fruit component but you can use any type of dried fruit. I will be posting the recipe during the week so do check back if you want to know how I made these delicious treats.

On our shopping trip on Saturday we also picked up these Trio chocolate biscuit bars – can you remember having these in your lunchbox as a child?!


Creativity: Painting & Wildlife

I’m not sure if this is a sign of getting old but last Sunday Dave and I found ourselves in the garden centre car park five minutes BEFORE it opened. In my younger days I absolutely hated being dragged around a garden centre but now I am a proud home owner I have been loving exploring the endless possibilities of plants and flowers for the garden! 

We actually went to the garden centre with the sole purpose of purchasing a couple of bird feeders as we have been getting a lot of birds in the garden.


Please forgive the blurry photo but this was taken quickly from my iPhone. You can see one of our new doughnut shaped bird feeders hanging from the bird table. Also, if you look a bit deeper into the photograph you will see a fuzzy image of the deer which frequents our garden! I hadn’t seen the deer for weeks but it’s back! 

I have also been very creative this week and made a new piece of art work. Let me know what you think.


I used a hot glue gun on canvas and then applied several coats of acrylic colour wash and droplets of alcohol. I feel this painting has an almost industrial, metallic like feel to it. This was unintentional but I do rather like the effect the texture has given to this piece.

I have really been enjoying flexing my creative flare over the past few weeks.

As you can see our once kitchen table is now my art studio!


I have also been experimenting with portraits. I used to love painting portraits when I was younger. Female portraits, mostly of Courtney Love was the focus of my GCSE art work. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have all had a good week. Please do share your thoughts and comments with me, especially if you have any ideas about what I should host as a giveaway. Thank you for your continued support, I really did not think I would still be blogging one year down the line, but here I am and I’m still absolutely loving it. 


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8 responses to “Weekly Round-Up: #45 *1st Blogiversary*

  1. Such a talented girl, your art never fails to impress me Em!!! And YES I soooo remember Trio bars… gosh it’s been a while since I seen one of them 😀 Takes me back for sure hehe Great post huni XXXX

    Liked by 1 person

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