Weekly Round-Up: #45


What a busy week! I am finally feeling much more positive and feel much stronger about the future which is great. I started a Mindfulness course last week and this has really been helping my wellbeing which is fantastic.

I have had quite a busy week both with my blog and with my creativity so let’s see what I’ve been up to!

Blogging: Birchbox & Baking

My Birchbox arrived very late this month for some reason and I was disappointed that I didn’t get Dew The Hoola by Benefit. Check the link below to read more about April’s box.

Birchbox – April 2016: The Unveiling 

I also shared the recipe I used to make these delicious rock cakes. Click the link if you missed the post Baking: Rock Cakes.


Food: Eating More Vegetarian Meals

This week I have been making a conscious effort to eat more vegetarian food. From the age of around 10 and all through my teenage years I was vegetarian but after several years and whilst under the influence of alcohol I succumbed to a juicy, greasy cheese burger after a night out and never looked back.

I love vegetables and do already eat a lot of fruit and veg on a daily basis. However I was inspired by my best friends journey to being vegetarian and seduced by her delicious looking Facebook photos of the meals she had made.


For lunch I have been particularly enjoying a mix of salad leaves, mini cucumbers, pickles, hummus, avocado & griddled halloumi cheese. This was so so delicious and a really satisfying & healthy lunch.


On Thursday I went out to lunch with my boyfriends mum which was lovely. We went to this tiny farm restaurant which served all locally sourced food.

For main I opted for the stuffed roasted red pepper with halloumi & wilted spinach. Yes I absolutely love cheese and this week I have been mostly enjoying halloumi!

The dish was so delicious, really fresh and full of flavour. The red pepper was stuffed with cherry tomatoes and pesto and then roasted and topped with cooked halloumi and served on a bed of wilted spinach. Perfect.


For dessert I just couldn’t resist the bread & butter pudding with custard. This was very rich and filling and finished off the meal wonderfully. I had such a lovely relaxing time with Dave’s mum – a good day!


On Friday I met up with a work colleague for coffee in Costa. I ordered the roasted almond cappuccino with soy milk which I had never seen on the menu before. Was very tasty. I also tried the bonnet tea cake which didn’t disappoint either! I then went to see my best friend who lives in Essex and she had prepared us a gorgeous vegan lunch.

Unfortunately I was so eager to try the tasty food I failed as a blogger & didn’t take a photo! We did however eat an incredibly delicious tortilla wrap filled with sweet potato falafel, salad, hummus, sliced avocado, cucumber and salsa. It was so so good. I also had a great time catching up with my best friend and her two wonderful kiddies.

Creativity: Photography & Painting

I have been a very productive painter this week and was inspired to create several pieces of art work. 

This is a tiny mini canvas I painted with iridescent acrylic paint. I love how bright and bold this turned out. I called this ‘Carnival’.


I also created this abstract piece called ‘Sunny Spot(s)’. I love the effect and texture I managed to get with the circles. Definitely one of my favourites.

I have also been experimenting with water colour pencils this week. I made a rather large order with Hobbycraft as they had a great sale on and this watercolour pencil set was amongst my bargains. I am hoping to be able to experiment with creating some portrait & human form type pieces as I used to love painting faces.


I also treated myself to a 50mm lens for my Canon 750D camera. I love the depth and how sharp and crisp the foreground can be with this lens.


This is not the best photo, but I managed to catch a glimpse of the tiny wren which has been busy this week building a nest in our garden.


Beautiful blossoms coming out. Our garden is alive with colour at the moment. It is such a surprise when I see new flowers poking up through the ground as we did not plant them, they came with the house. We moved in in November and at that time the garden looked barren and dormant so now that Spring is here it’s such a joy to see what new life will emerge.

I hope you have enjoyed my weekly round-up. Thanks for reading and do let me know how your week has been. I do love reading and replying to your comments. 


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