Weekly Round-Up: #1.3 – Happy Retirement Dad

What a whirlwind of a week! The weather just can’t make up its mind as to whether (see what I did there!?) it is ridiculously hot or rainy, windy and shudderingly cold for June/July… 

Despite the ever changing weather I have been able to achieve some things this week. 

Happy Retirement Dad

However, firstly I want to share the news that my wonderful dad retired on Friday after 50 (yes 50!!) years of full time employment in the same job for the same company. Not many people can say they have worked somewhere for their whole entire working life! On Saturday we had a BBQ to celebrate which was great fun. 

A friend made this adorable cake for dad. The little sugar paste figure is an uncanny resemblance to my dad – especially with a large glass of red wine in hand and relaxing on the golf course.  

We all had a lovely time with friends & family celebrating, the food was also outstanding – just look at those sizzling sausages on the BBQ.


On Tuesday we found ourselves in Chiquitos for an early dinner. As I had had a rather successful meeting I felt it was cause for celebration – so a margarita was my cocktail of choice at 4pm!

For starter we shared nachos smothered in chilli chicken, guacamole, sour cream, salsa & cheese. These were delicious and eating a bit of dairy seemed to be ok.

For main I ordered the Mexican Paella which was delicious. The portion size was massive and I struggled to finish it all!


Whilst wandering in our garden I found this beautiful yet unusual flower blooming in all its glory.

I have no idea what it is as these are all flowers which were already in our garden, but I love the height of these flowers and their stunning, almost fluffy look.

These white flowers we also new additions tour garden. I was impressed that I managed to get close enough to take this photo of what I think is a honey bee collecting nectar.

It’s been a busy week on the blog with my June Favourites which was in two parts. Click the links below if you missed any!

June Favourites: Part 1 – Creativity

June Favourites: Part 2 – Beauty

I hope you have enjoyed my Weekly Round-Up, thanks for reading.

What have you been enjoying this week and the month of June in particular? I love reading and replying to your comments. 

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