Papergang: August 2016 – The Unveiling 

I love myself a beauty subscription box but with a return to uni just around the corner I have been rekindling my pure joy of stationery. 

I was inspired to subscribe to Papergang by reading several reviews over at the Saturday On Wednesday blog.

This is a relatively new subscription service, this being their 6th box. The monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time costs £9.95 a month including postage & packaging. If you are interested in signing up yourself then please follow this link as you will be helping me out. If I refer two people I will receive a free box so please share the love. Subscribe to Papergang.

So what did I get in this months box?

First of all I was blown away by the beautiful packaging. I love the marble print box with the Papergang cut out writing. 

On the back of the box is this cute stegosaurus cut out model which I am looking forward to trying out. Such a quirky added extra. 

Once you slip off the outer packaging the inside is also beautifully wrapped. 

The stationery was packed into a sturdy cardboard box and the contents were delicately wrapped in blue tissue paper.

As this was my first box I received my Papergang Drew embroidered pay X which is very cute.

Inside are four gorgeous stationery products which I absolutely adore. 

Unfortunately the notebook in my box had some damage on the corner of the binding which I was really disappointed about. I am not one to complain but I was disappointed as it dampened my joy of the notebook so I contacted Papergang’s customer service.

I was super impressed with how responsive their customer service was and they sent out another notebook immediately. Thank you Papergang!

Just look at this stunning blue marble bound A4 notebook designed by Jamie Mitchell. The RRP is £12.95 which is pretty reasonable for a high quality notebook. 

This is just so pretty I feel like I don’t want to soil it with my writing! I love the copper paper edges and inside the pages are ruled on one side – perfect sturdy notebook for me to take to uni with me!

I also received an’Into the Wild’ greeting card.  This has a RRP of £2.50.

When we finish my study in the next few weeks I want to have a drawer dedicated to greeting cards and envelopes. Love it.

I also received copper washi tape which has a RRP of £2.50. Now I have to be honest I did not know what washi tape was…good ol’ Google helped me out. This is decorative low adhesive tape. I am sure I can find a use for this – you can’t really go wrong with copper anything! 

The last item I received is this month of September printed calendar also designed by Jamie Mitchell retailing at £1.95. I think a clipboard was included in last months box which is to be used with the printed calendars which I don’t have. However I do like this. I hope to have a magnetic blackboard in my study so this can be hung using magnets on the board and will look great.

I am really pleased with my decision to subscribe to the Papergang stationery box. I love al the products and their customer service was outstanding. I cannot wait to see what next month brings! What do you think? I love reading and replying to your comments. 

If you are interested in getting your own Papergang box then click this link – if you sign up using this link you will be helping me out as I will get a free box for referring two people 😊 Subscribe to Papergang


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3 responses to “Papergang: August 2016 – The Unveiling 

  1. I’m so glad you liked it!! ❤ Such a shame that the notebook was damaged, this sort of thing happens quite a lot with Papergang as most things are quite delicate but I have always heard best things about their customer service and as far as I know they had always replaced the items in a speedy manner without any nonsense! The notebook is gorgeous and I can't get enough of how nice it seems. Haven't started it yet though, afraid to spoil it with my handwriting haha

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