Weekly Round-Up: #1.11

I have had a very busy week which has been great. It was lovely to have the Monday bank holiday with my wonderful boyfriend Dave. Not that we did much, but it was nice to relax and spend quality time with eachother. I managed to blog twice this week & on Friday one of my great friends got married and we had a lovely day celebrating with them. 

Blogging: Stationery & Summer Make-Up Favourites

My first blog post of the week was the unveiling of my first stationery monthly subscription box from Papergang. 

I am a sucker for stationery and love nothing more than getting new items each year. This year is extra special as in a few weeks I will return to being a student so I will have even more stationery loves to share with you all. This Papergang box, however, is amazing – I absolutely love the quality and asthetic of the notebook & am loathed to sully it with my writing! If you want to see what Papergang is all about then click to link & read my unveiling review: Papergang – August 2016: The Unveiling. 

On Thursday I posted the second installment of my summer favourites, this time my make-up must haves. Check it out here: Summer Favourites: Make-Up Edition. 

Beauty: Food, Flowers, Art & Lipstick 

This week I have been mostly eating salads for lunch. I have been loving munching on salad leaves with beetroot sticks, beetroot falafels, roasted veg cous cous & avocado. Absolutely delicious; what’s not to love?! 

Not only is this salad tasty but it also looks pleasing with the contrasting deep burgundy of the beetroot and the soft greens of the avocado. Yummy.

I also managed to snap this lone beautiful pale pink flower in my garden. I’m not sure exactly what it is as it was planted before we bought the house. I’m so pleased I managed to capture this shot as the next day the heavy rain had caused the petals to drop!

This is a photo of one of the first of my paintings which I have sold. It is now hanging, taking pride of place in my friends hall way. It looks great & I can’t quite believe that I have sold two of my paintings.

This is a selfie I took as we left to attend a friends wedding (I will discuss more about the wedding below). I was really pleased with how my make-up turned out. I was excited to use the tattoo liner & liquid lipstick from my recent Kat Von D purchase – my first introduction to the brand & I was blown away by the quality & longetivity of both products. Despite lots of sweating from a long day the liner did not budge & the lipstick survived lots of eating and drinking without any touch ups! I will be posting a full review soon so do check back!

Wedding: Normanton Church & Rutland Golf Club 

On Friday Dave & I were invited to the wedding of my great friend Louise and her fiancé Nick. Normanton Church is at Rutland Water in Rutland which is only about a 90 minute drive from where we live in West Suffolk which is near the Cambridgeshire border. So Dave drove so I could enjoy a few drinks – a rarity for me.

Normanton Church is a beautiful place. The church is situated just on the waters edge on the lake & is actually the very top of the church. The rest is flooded underneath. It is a very unique church and a stunning wedding venue.

The reception was held at Rutland Golf Club just a few minutes drive from the church. We welcomed the newly weds by showering them in rose petal confetti which looked magical.

On arrival at the reception venue we were greeted with a lovely glass of pimms and lots of delicious canapés. I enjoyed a few glasses of pimms to kick-start my evening of celebrations! 

Dave and I sat on the ‘Wizard of Oz’ table. Each table had a musical theme as the bride Louise is a massive musical fan. The only people Dave and I knew at the wedding were the bride and groom so we were seated at the table with all the other people who only knew the newlyweds. I usually hate this kind of thing as it really pricks my anxiety but I think the pimms helped to calm my nerves as I was able to engage in small talk without feeling overwhelmed. I think it helped that we had all lovely, interesting & talkative people on our table.

For the wedding breakfast we had a buffet style cold meats and salad which was really nice. I have definitely been loving my salads this week! For dessert we had all the components for a deconstructed Eton mess on our table which was fun and very delicious. Not to mention the bottles of wine & the champagne toast!

This is a selfie of Dave & I after the speeches… After I had consumed lots of food & alcohol…. and my make-up was still holding strong!

This is a photo of the bride & groom cutting the cake. Not that you can actually see them… but they are there. It was such a beautiful venue – I ordered the twinkling lights in the ceiling.

The first dance and they look so in love. Such a magical day. Louise’s dress was incredible, she looked so so gorgeous and was definitely a princess for the day! 

It was such a perfect day. Hopefully I will get married one day… 

I hope you have enjoyed my weekly round-up. What have you been up to this week? Let me know your thoughts as I love reading & replying to your comments.


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