Papergang: September 2016 – The Unveiling

Yesterday was my first day at University as a post-grad research student fresher. It was a totally full-on exhausting day, registering, exploring the sprawling campus, meeting new people & finding out more about the MRes course. When I walked in through my front door I was absolutely drained & shattered.

However I soon had a smile on my face & pep-in-my-step when I clapped eyes on this gorgeous blue ombré box on my door mat. I may have even let out a joyous squee! Septembers Papergang stationery subscription box is no.7 and has a sleek ombré theme. 

The packaging used by Papergang is beautiful as always. On the back of the ombré outer packaging is an origami unicorn which I am definitely going to cut out & attempt to make as this will make a unique decoration for my new study.

The background I have used for these blog photos is actually a new abstract canvas I have painted which is inspired by the colours in my new study; coral, pink, copper & turquoise. The turquoise ombré theme of this box compliments my study perfectly so I just had to use my new canvas as a backdrop. If you didn’t know I am also a part-time artist & you can view and buy my work over at Art by ELS

So what did I get in the box?

My Week Turquoise Ombré Planner Designed by Jamie Mitchell (RRP £9.95)

I absolutely fell in love with this planner as soon as I saw it. I am very fussy with my planners and had been searched for the perfect one ready for my return to uni but had been unsuccessful. I am so glad I waited as this planner is pure perfection!

Not only is it in my favourite colour of turquoise but the ombré effect is absolutely beautiful. The planner is made of high quality paper which feels luxurious and the week over 2 pages suits me perfectly. I was so excited with this planner that last night in my hazy, exhausted state I eagerly wrote all of my lectures & assignment hand-in dates in it – claiming it as my own.

The planner is covered in a plastic dust jacket and the back actually doubles as a handy sealable compartment perfect for securely storing important papers or even pens etc. Absolutely love it. 

Post It Notes (RRP £3.50)

Post It notes are a stationery & student essential so these are a welcome addition to my study! Again they are made from high quality paper and even though I reached for a permanent sharpie pen the ink did not seep through to the Post It underneath. 

I am sure I will make good use of these Post It notes – love them. 

Greeting Card – Hedgehugging (RRP £2.50) 

You can never have too many greeting cards in your stash and this Hedgehugging one is just so so cute. A wonderful, unique card perfect for a loved one. 

Greeting Card – What’s Really The Point Of Babies? (RRP £2.50)

This is a very unique card, perfect for someone with a quirky sense of humour. I love the cartoon strip design and the pondering of the point of adults!

Riso Printed Calendar – October

Unfortunately this is only my second Papergang box as I am a newbie & I missed out on the box with the cute clipboard to display these calendar cards. I love this nonetheless as October is my birthday month and I love the beautiful coral shade. Great little extra gift. 

Sheet Zoological Giftwrap Designed by Jessica Willan (RRP £1.75)

How cute is this zoological themed wrapping paper? The paper is a heavy, luxurious quality and the print really makes me smile. I especially love the selection of animals; skunk, horse, tortoise, stingray & the adorable rhinocerous. I love rhinos! 

I am super happy with this months box and I am so glad I have continued my subscription. I love stationery and for only £9.95 a month you get some incredibly quirky pieces which are of a really high quality & very unique. Great value and a great brand. Thanks Papergang! Can’t wait for Octobers offering!

What do you think of this months box? Do you subscribe to Papergang? Remember, if you are interested in subscribing then I would really appreciate you using my unique link – here – as if two of you lovely people subscribe I will receive a free box 😊. Let me know your thoughts and any comments as I love reading and replying to you. 


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3 responses to “Papergang: September 2016 – The Unveiling

  1. What a cute subscription box! I’ve never heard of it before! Good luck with your return to Uni! I’m heading back for my third and final year on Monday and to be honest i’m really looking forward to it! I’ve had a 4 month long summer full of exciting stuff and now i’m ready to go and bag that degree lol! I’d be interested in reading a bit more about how you’re finding transitioning back into uni! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Molly 😊 this is a fairly new subscription box but I am in love. I am a stationery junkie and since I’ve left a well paid job to return to uni, luckily I managed to get a studentship which covers the tuition and a small maintenance grant but obviously a lot less than what I was earning so I need to make savings and this box is good value for money & I get things I really need 😊 I am planning to write a post about my uni experience soon as it is very different from my undergrad days (I graduated 10 years ago now…) we didn’t have anywhere near the same access to online journals and resources as we do now, I’m not even sure if I will need to physically get a book from the library for this course as most books are available to read online at the uni library website which is great as I live about an hours drive from campus. Good luck in your final year – I really enjoyed my final year, yes it was tough and incredibly hard work but my hard work paid off but I unfortunately narrowly missed out on a 1st. Enjoy yourself and I know you will be fabulous xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

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