Weekly Round-Up: #1.20

The dreaded student freshers flu has finally caught up with me & this week I have been mostly coughing, losing my voice & generally feeling pretty damn awful!!

Blogging: Papergang October 2016

Despite feeling grotty I did manage to blog once this week. 

On Tuesday I brought to you the unboxing of the October Papergang subscription box.

This months offering was full of cute animal themed goodies which was just perfect. 

I especially love the adorable sausage dog design and this gorgeous sausage dog patch. 

If you missed my full review then check it out here: Papergang: October 2016 – The Unveiling.

Studying: Aromatherapy & Creativity

Today marks the end of my sixth week at uni and it has been intense! 

As you can see from the list above I have assignment deadlines coming out of my ears already so I have had to be very organised and disciplined with my time.

In order to help me focus I have been using an essential oil diffuser and have really found this type of aromatherapy really helpful. 

Whenever I’m in my study I set the mood for studying by popping a few drops of oil with some water into the diffuser and the gentle scent really helps to relax me so that I can unwind and fully focus on the task in hand. I have found this invaluable and would recommend an essential oil diffuser to anyone who is feeling stressed.

For my birthday a great friend of mine bought me a paint marker. Above is my first attempt experimenting with the marker over a painted canvas I wasn’t too happy with. I love it. I am looking forward to using the pen in my art work.

Snapchat: Countrygirlem83

You can always rely on a good Snapchat filter to make you look fabulous when you are full of cold!

Loving the daisy flower head chain & the soft focus. Makes me look flawless despite feeling awful.

This autumn crown is definitely one of my favourites. The autumnal colours in the crown matched my dress perfectly. Love it.

Obviously it was Halloween on Monday and this was about as scary as I could go. Just look at those cheekbones – contouring and highlight on point!

If you use snapchat then add me countrygirlem83 – I love snapchat.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my weekly round-up. Let me know your thoughts as I love reading and replying to your comments. 

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