Weekly Round-Up

This week marked my return to blogging after an impromptu, but much needed extended break by posting the obligatory what I got for Christmas post.

If you missed it then do follow the link here: What I got for Christmas. 

I don’t actually start back at uni for my second semester until the 17th so I had another week of holiday. However, being a masters student is intense and a ‘holiday’ is never really time off! 

I had an assignment due in on the 9th which was a research proposal for my up and coming dissertation research and I have also been working on the Ph.D application which is also a research proposal! So lots of reading, writing, contemplating and pressure!

On Friday we finally had some snow in sunny ol’ Suffolk. The snow fell for about 2 hours…. and quickly disappeared! 

There was definitely not enough to build a snowman. Was rather an anti-climax!

It did, however look pretty for a little while. 

In the January sales I treated myself to a new Nespresso coffee machine with a milk frother. I love it. Especially the milk frother, it perfectly froths the almond milk I use. A perfect latte at home. Yummy. Just what I needed to get me through the week.

I have been out a couple of times this week and have been enjoying using my new make up (check the linked blog post above if you want to find out which make up!). I am so impressed with how radiant it makes me look. Love it.

Now this is a bit of a random one. Dave is usually fantastic at choosing me bags and presents. However, this week he presented me with this potato bag…. yes I am sure it will be very useful to ensure our potatoes don’t sprout prematurely…. however a Cath Kidston bag it is not!

This week also marked my first weigh in with WeightWatchers. I have signed up online and will be attending the group each Wednesday with a friend. In my first week I lost 11lbs which was incredible. 

One evening I made mushroom and courgette risotto.

Which I served with yummy roasted butternut squash. This was a massive portion and so so filling and delicious and all within points.

Pasta is one of my biggest weaknesses however on the WeightWatchers plan I can eat a massive portion of wholewheat pasta and still lose weight! Fantastic. For this pasta dish I made my own sauce using passata, chopped celery, onion, carrot, spinach and quorn pieces – all topped off with a generous helping of cheese (all within points). Absolutely delicious.

On Wednesday evening Dave took me out for dinner at a local Hungry Horse pub. I ordered the BBQ jerk chicken with coleslaw and salad and a side of chips. It was really yummy and all within points. 

On Saturday evening I met a friend for dinner and I just could not resist the chicken tikka masala. The great thing about WeightWatchers is you get a set amount of daily points and weekly points and it’s great to use your weekly points for treats. Hopefully I will have lost weight again this week without feeling like I’ve deprived myself.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have had a good week. Do let me know what you’ve been up to as I love reading and replying to your comments. 


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