Life update: I’m back! 

I am FINALLY back! I cannot quite believe it’s been just over 7 months since my last blog post. It was never my intention to take a break from blogging but my health took a nose dive and the demands of my masters course intensified so something had to give. However, now that my course is finished I have plenty of time and head space to dedicate to my blog and I am actually excited to get back into the blogging world – so the break wasn’t a bad thing and it has enabled me to return refreshed and ready!

Masters in Social Sciences Research 

So for the past year I have been studying towards my Masters in Social Sciences Research Methods. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, it has been stressful but it has stretched me both academically and personally and solidified that research and academia is where my future needs to be. 

I was awarded a place on the Ph.D but was unsuccessful for funding, so I’ve deferred my place and will reapply for funding next year. So far my grade is 72.7% with module results ranging from 66.5-88! 

These are the highest marks I have ever received and I am on to achieve a distinction – the highest grade available for a Masters course. The final hurdle is my dissertation which I submitted a few days ago *fingers crossed* I achieve a minimum of 65 to guarantee retaining my place on the Ph.D for next year. 

This was my celebratory mojito marking the end of my MRes course. Now it’s the excruciating wait for my final result!

Garden: Flowers, tomatoes & wildlife

This summer our garden has literally been blooming – full of flowers, vegetables and various wildlife.

First of all our resident woodpecker has been a frequent visitor over the past few months. 

We have also had an influx of beautiful butterflies and I even managed to capture this stunning Red Admiral

This year we planted several tomato and pepper plants and have had a decent harvest of juicy tomatoes – yummy. 

And last but by no means least – the gorgeous flowers in our garden. 

I am totally in love with our bright pink hydrangeas. They really brighten up our garden. Beautiful. 

This year signals the introduction of sunflowers. This is a photo of the small sunflowers and we have planted some giant sunflowers. So far they are over 7ft tall but have yet to fully bloom – I will post a photo when it finally reveals its beautiful flower. 

Discovering Tarte make-up

I cannot quite believe it has taken me this long to discover Tarte! I bought the above Bombshell package from QVC and I haven’t looked back. If you are interested I will probably post a full review soon.

I am really looking forward to regular blogging again and getting involved in the blogging community. 

Thanks for reading and continuing to support me. See you all soon! 

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