Skincare Update: Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm & Calendula Cleanser

Over the past few months my skin has really improved. I no longer have any breakouts and my skin looks and feels so smooth and radiant. 

One big change to my skincare routine has been the introduction of acid toners/exfoliators (click the link to find out more about what I’ve been using – Acid Exfoliators: Alpha H & Nip + Fab). 

The second change has been using more natural & organic skincare products. 

Please step forward Neal’s Yard Remedies. All of their products are free from parabens, silicones, pthalates, mineral oils & synthetic fragrances or colours which has made a real difference to my skin (something in the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish was causing me to break out leaving my skin red & angry!). 

I have been a massive fan of Neal’s Yard Remedies for some time and their Wild Rose Beauty Balm has been a firm staple in my bathroom – it soon soothed & sorted out my red & irritated face!

The more I tried and learned from and about the brand the more interested I became in organic skincare. So much so that I am now an independent Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Consultant. I have my own personalised website from which you are able to order any product from Neal’s Yard, contact me, arrange a party (if you live in the Suffolk area) & even become a consultant yourself and be part of my team! Just click this link: Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic. 

Calendula Cleanser

Since becoming a consultant I have been introduced to this beautiful calendula cleanser. This works wonders on my dry sensitive skin. This has a gorgeous light creamy texture which melts into the skin. 

It suggests on the tube to apply the cleanser with cotton wool and rinse with warm water. However I have found the best way is to use it is like any other cream or balm cleanser. I take a small amount (seriously a tiny amount goes a long, long way) and I gently massage it into my skin. 

I tend to use this as a second cleanse after I’ve removed any traces of make-up as it has such a beautiful, delicate scent I love to give myself a mini facial with it. Just so soothing and relaxing. However this will also melt away & remove every last trace of make-up if you want to use it in that way. Such a gentle yet tough multi-tasker!

Once I’ve worked all the cleanser into my skin with a lovely relaxing face massage I then take a clean muslin cloth or flannel, soak it in warm water and gently wash the cleanser off my face. My skin looks and feels so soft, fresh and radiant after this cleanser. It is so gentle, even great around the eye area without any irritation. Love it.

This 100g tube is only £16 so a similar price to Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish but it is so so so much better for my skin. Worlds apart in fact! 

You can buy it here: Calendula Cleanser

Wild Rose Beauty Balm

I am never without a pot of this fabulous balm! Firstly I absolutely love the delicate rose scent. This balm is made with 99% organic ingredients and the wild rosehip seed oil gives a soothing, true rose scent as well as being one of the richest natural sources of vitamins, fatty acids & antioxidants – all incredible for your skin. 

This balm is so versatile and can be used in a great number of ways. This gentle balm is suitable for all skin types & my very dry & sensitive skin adores it. 

Cleanse – The balm comes with a muslin cloth so can be used as a rich, soothing cleanser. I use it as a second cleanse every now and again when my skin needs an extra something. It can also be used to remove make-up and effortlessly melts away my stubborn waterproof mascara.

Exfoliate – This can also be used as a gentle exfoliator. I simply cleanse my face like above and when I remove the cleanser with the muslin cloth I gently buff it away using soft, circular motions all over my face. Great for a mid-week pick-me-up.

Nourishing Treatment – When I am in full pamper mode I love to apply this all over my clean face, delicately massaging it in and leaving it to soak in overnight. This is such a nourishing treatment for my dry skin that I wake up with my skin looking and feeling soft and radiant. Perfect. 

This balm is quite solid in the pot but don’t be fooled. A tiny amount is all you need to cleanse your whole face. As soon as the balm touches the warmth of your hands it transforms into a silky oil which just melts into your skin. 

A little goes a long way. This 50g pot will last me literally months and months as I use it a few times a week so for £38 it is great value for money as it can be used in so many different ways and is so good for your skin. 

You can buy it here: Wild Rose Beauty Balm. 

Also with Christmas just around the corner Neal’s Yard Remedies have just released their limited edition Christmas gift range & there are some great gifts to suit all budgets. 

One of my personal favourites is the Wild Rose Beauty Balm Star Gift which contains a generous 15g pot of the iconic beauty balm which is presented in the cutest red star box which can be hung on the Christmas Tree! For only £12.50 it’s a great way to try the balm for yourself or to share the joy with friends.

Buy it here: Wild Rose Beauty Balm Star Gift. 

I hope you have enjoyed my post and do let me know if you share my love of Neal’s Yard Remedies & organic skincare. Do you have any recommendations for me? I do love reading and replying to your comments.

All links used will direct you to my personal Neal’s Yard Remedies online shop so if you are interested in purchasing any products it would be great if you could support me by getting them through my website. Yes, I am a consultant for the brand but I only became a consultant because I enjoyed using the brand so much – all opinions are my own. Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic

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4 responses to “Skincare Update: Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm & Calendula Cleanser

  1. I have used essential oils from Neal Yard’s and I love them and this cleanser looks so promising and my eyes are so keen onto the next product which is an exfoliating product, wild rose beauty balm and it looks so buttery.

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